What's up guys. I just had a question about improving my technique, and more specifically about finger control. I notice that when I play scales, arpeggios, or certain rifts that my fingers that I'm not using (mainly my pinky) will fly up in the air. It doesn't cause me any trouble
yet but I want to fix it before it becomes a bad habit. Is there any advice that you all would be able to give for keeping your fingers as close to the fretboard as possible, and keeping your unused fingers from pointing up? I've been trying to slow it down and work on it that way but I didn't know if there was something more specific I can do to fix it.
Don't force it. Never force your fingers to stay close to the fretboard, that is a sure-fire recipe for instant tension which will only ever make things worse.

The real key is relaxation. Absolute relaxation. The important thing to realise is that the opposite of fretting is not lifting but it is simply not fretting. To really get the ultimate in economy of motion what you need to do is just relax your fingers when you're not using them to fret; if you can manage that they'll float at about an ideal height above the fretboard and you won't have to force it at all.

Problem is... actually doing it is hard and takes a lot of practice. It's the kind of thing you only ever practice so slowly that a metronome is almost pointless and it doesn't suddenly click or anything like sweeping often does for people. You practice it slowly and carefully and it gradually seeps in to your playing the more you do it.

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