Hi everyone, I'm thinking about buying a Big Muff Tone wicker pedal to use on my Vox AC15. The thing is, I've been told by some people that Big Muff pedals do not sound that great on AC15's. Does anyone know how this pedal-amp combo sounds?

its a few bucks more but i can almost promise it will deliver.

edit: a few bucks more than i thought, but i still highly recommend.
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not a fan of the big muff series. id try some out at your local music store.
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the ac15 is a good clean platform but I dunno about specific pedals for it as ive only used it by itself in stores. Id say a big muff would work well based on my limited experience with it but id either get a regular cheap muff, or a Russian big muff both used. If you want to go new then I would have to say get a musket fuzz though
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if you can find a green russian muff somewhere, I'd go for it. The standard pedal can sound a bit harsh (well to my ears at least) on a VOX amp
I have the Big Muff Tone Wicker and an AC15 and once I have it dialled in right it sounds good to me.