Grabbed one of those for $110 off guitarcenter.com. was wanted to change pickguard, and was wondering which companies would fit as drop on? Gfs? dragonfire? dont really want to drill any holes in the body. thanks in advance.
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Well the good thing about Fenders (Squiers included), is that they are very easy to get new parts for. Both of those brands you mentioned should fit, as there is only one size. But just to be on the safe side, count how many screws there are on the edge of the current pickguard (Not including the ones holding in the pickups and the pickup selector). It should be either 8 or 11. (I'm pretty sure it will be 8). Then just compare it to the picture of the new pickguard you want to buy.
I modded my old '96 Squier strat, there was enough space in the cavities to fit three humbuckers if I wanted to, I replaced the pickguard with a black 11 hole one and just drilled a few more holes in place, wasn't a problem, went for a single dragonfire humbucker my mate had lying around that he didn't want and went for a one vol one tone control