Hey there! So, I bought a Randall V2 to replace my old X2 as my main head, but I figure rather than waste a decent head, I could experiment and create new possibilities. Like using the X2 to boost the V2 (or vice versa) since I would probably buy an overdrive pedal anyway. Yeah, I know what happens when you layer multiple levels of gain, but I don't really want a super high gain sound anyway. I would probably use the clean channel or just a tiny bit of gain. Using the X2 for its cleans might be a good idea anyway seeing how the V2's clean channel doesn't have an EQ (and supposedly Dimebag used it for its cleans anyways). I've also considered running them in stereo. I noticed the Warhead cab has stereo inputs. Then I could do something like Piggy and use a delay pedal with stereo outputs to make a phaser-ish effect right?

*I just wanted to brainstorm ideas and find out how to do this safely before trying anything. Any tips or ideas are welcome. Thanks guys!

you can't boost one amp into another. you can have a slave amp, but it has limited use, and if the V2 is tube or hybrid with a tube power section.

best use would be to run on an a/b/y switch.

radial engineering big shot is what i would recommend.

good luck
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