Finally able to purchase my dream amp <3 cant wait, but I just need to decide what I want
Im leaning towards the combo. I play in a pop punk band, but dabble in everything from funk to metal.

So which one guys?
I'd get the head and 212 cabinet combination. Way easier in transport (because weight is separated) and you have options for later, e.g. getting a 412 cabinet, getting another/a different 212, getting a second amplifier ...

Not sure of the situation in other countries, but here, the resale value on heads and cabinets is higher than combo's as well.
^ I concur with everything in the post above.
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The Orange 212 is 70lbs and the head is 46lbs while the combo is 83lbs. The difference between the cab and head is only 13lbs. The cab is actually bigger than the combo. They're both going to be really heavy so I would argue that the combo is easier to transport since it's one trip carrying something that's 83lbs rather than 2 trips carrying something that weighs 46lbs and another that weights 70lbs. The head and cab costs $2900 while the combo is $2600.

You do get more options down the line with a head and cab but I think a combo is the better choice if you're intending to play it as-is and you're not planning on selling it.
Im tempted to aggree with you jel. It's the amp that I've wanted since I was 14 so I truly don't believe I will ever sell it. Now will the OB combo lend its self to pop punk? I play rhythm in this band letterswv.bandcamp.com
The head and cab separate does give you more options. I've heard that having the tubes in such close proximity to the speakers in a combo can cause the lifespan of the tubes to decrease from the shaking of the sound waves.

Carrying both the head and cab does suck though.
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