I'm looking for a pedal that's a cross between pink floyd and nirvana. Looking at pigtronix and the neo clone right now.
I love the Pigtronix pedals I have- can't go wrong with them, really- but I don't have their chorus.

Red Witch is another brand I like, and they offer the Empress and the Medusa...again, neither of which I own, despite having other RW pedals.

However, I DO own and love the 2nd generation of the Visual Sound H20, which is currently in its 3rd generation:
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providence anadime analog chorus pedal. thats my next pedal pickup. just gotta find one for a decent price.
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I guess I'm looking for boss ce-2 meets small clone

it might be cheaper and handier to just buy the two pedals? unless you need to save the space on your pedalboard. tons of choruses are based on the ce2 (including some cheaper ones), and the ehx is fairly cheap.
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