I've been trying to find a footswitch for my Ibanez Thermion for years now. I've tried all kinds of footswitches but cant seem to find one which allows me to switch channels. It's an awesome amp- rich/dark clean channel, snarly high gain, can take 4x KT-88's in the power section. I just cant use it on stage without a footswitch.

Once I found one on listed on ebay but snoozed on the bidding war. I regret it.

Anyway... I found a schematic for the amp with some details on the footswitch design.

Can anyone tell me how hard of a project this would be or if the circuit looks similar to some other brand of footswitch that I might be able to find?

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If the amp has only 2 channels, isnt it just a simple single button footswitch?

EDIT: Just saw that it comes with a 3 button footswitch, my mistake.
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There's nothing complicated or magical about that footswitch circuit. It uses common DPDT stomp switches, a stereo and a mono jack, and a handful of components. The bi-color LEDs would be the most "unique" parts, but they are by no means uncommon. This would be a project that even a novice with no experience should be able to handle, provided they know how to solder (and the web has tons of tutorials--a very good video is in the wiring thread linked in my sig). If you can read the schematic then it should only take an afternoon to put together.
My advice would be design the outer casing first in the style that you want it. Get a lazer cutting service to cut it out of aluminium for you and fold and weld it. Then you can start looking at putting the wiring together, that circuit is not complicated and components for the inside will be cheap. If you can't figure out the wiring design then find someone with a basic knowledge of wiring and you should be fine.
there should also be some weight to the box. you dont want the footswitch to flip over every time you push a button.
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