Hello. For the last year I've been thinking about buying a new guitar. My current guitar is good, but now I need (want) a new and better guitar. I want I fender jaguar and now I've found two, but I can't decide which one...

One is a Mexico-made Fender Jaguar classic player special FSR, like this one:

The other one is a used Japan-made vintage jaguar from 2007

I've tried the first one, and that was a dream. The trip to the second one is quite far, but I'll go and try it when I have some time.
The second one is cheaper. I can buy it for two thirds of the price for the first one. I have the money for both. But is the first one much better?
Now I need your help. Have you tried any? What do you think? Which guitar should I buy?
Sorry if my English is bad
I don't know anything about Jaguars, all of this advice is "in general", related to Fender as a whole.

Normally MIJ is superior to MIM. The MIJ is cheaper because it's used, not because it's worse- though if it's in bad shape and/or hasn't been looked after, it may in practice be "worse". Or if it's a fake or misdescribed as something it's not (i.e. it's not really an MIJ Fender).

Only thing to bear in mind with MIJ Fenders is that they sort of have two different quality levels- the export stuff (normally basswood bodies and lower quality hardware and pickups) and the non-export stuff (the good high quality stuff, basically). So you need to know which you're buying.

I also have a vague recollection of reading that some of the more obscure Fender models like Jazzmasters (and maybe Jaguars too) just have strat pickups under the covers. So that'd be worth bearing in mind, too.
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Vintage 2007? I guess.

If I were you, based off your description, I think I'd go for the mij. I've never been overly impressed with any mim Fender (I've owned mim strat/tele, played dozens of others) but I recently picked up an mij Mustang and I don't think I've ever been more fond of a guitar. That does kinda suck that you can't try it first, you never know.

Odds are, they're both pretty good guitars.
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I found a few Fender Jags out there, of various years and countries of manufacture. I even found some I didn't know existed, like a thinline semihollow version.




G&E and Elderly both ship internationally, and some- but not all- of the sellers on Reverb do as well.
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