Poll: Creed, Alter Bridge or Tremonti?
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View poll results: Creed, Alter Bridge or Tremonti?
4 19%
Alter Bridge
12 57%
1 5%
They're all terrible
2 10%
Voters: 21.
Though it's nice to have an esteemed guitarist such as Mark Tremonti involved with technically 3 bands, if there was only one which would you choose?

I would also like to say I think the song writing would be interesting if there were only one band he was devoted to.
I would place creed last.

Alter Bridge for the first two albums were phenomenal however I think the latest albums haven't been of the same level of One Day and Blackbird. Every song on Fortress is good, some are great. So I'd say Alter Bridge (Album 1 and 2), Tremonti Project, Alter Bridge (3 and 4) then Creed.
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All 3. Why do we need to compare them? Threads like this are pointless.

Because they're all semi-different.

Also, lets not forget about some of Creed's deep tracks. I've always been a fan of their albums over their singles.