I went ahead and bought a Mooer Micro Pure Boost pedal because I use a single coil guitar alongside my humbucker guitars... need it to beef up the signal because otherwise it sounds thin and a bit dead.

The Mooer works alright but it's still not excellent... you seem to have to drive it pretty hard to get any good volume out of it and the EQ (treb bass) isn't fantastic.

For an extra $40 or so, is the Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster much better? It has the added feature of a pickup resonance switch which apparently can make single coils sound like humbuckers... but I don't know whether to trust this or not or if it'll be a significant improvement.

Anyone had any experience with these? I can only find the brand new model they just came out with, looks the same but in a different casing.
**** all that bollocks - get an MXR 10 band EQ.
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I've tried a few different pedals for boost and I love the ehx soul food (currently, haha). It'll tighten the low end of your tone, like a ts type od, without coloring your tone. Its also a good od pedal if you don't need a lotta gain. And it has an internal switch to go from buffer to true bypass.
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I've owned a S.D. Pickup Booster since they first came out, it does what's advertised.
I have one, as the first thing I plug into before going into my multi efx board and have another in my efx loop to boost as I solo.
Ive never really had this issue with single coils. When I switch from humbucker guitars to single coil i usually just crank the master volume more to get relatively the same volume. Seems to sound pretty fat on its own. And when i boost with a tubescreamer it becomes really creamy which I really like. Good luck!
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