I am a budding vocalist/composer who writes, records and engineers all of my own music. I have completed my first album and am ready to start performing it. Although I do plan to hire players after recently moving to LA, I know this will take some time and I want to begin performing now.

I have really good stage presence, I am fearless and I can cover the whole thing alone, I connect with the audience well and make eye contact well. I have a solid marketable look. I don't care to play guitar or piano when I perform, though I might a little during solos and such, I'd rather focus on vocal performance as I have carpel tunnel and experience a lot of pain when I play fully on more than 2 songs at a time.

My question is, how well will this go off in LA? I have seen vocalists perform to backing tracks here, but their music was a bit lighter than my style. I play a fusion of hard rock/progressive metal with a touch of melodic power metal influence. I am a female. I'm kind of like Evanescence but with heavier guitar, orchestration, and less dark/emotional sounding than Amy, a bit like a female Geoff Tate. A few years ago I played 3 of my songs solo when I was invited to open for a friends band and it went over well. Thing is I knew a lot of the audience at this small venue in my home town in the Midwest, and now I'm definitely not in Kansas anymore, so I'm unsure if it will work in LA.

Have you seen or been a solo rock/hard rock/metal vocalists performing to backing tracks in this capacity? If so can you please share your experience and thoughts?

And tell me also please, should I throw caution to the wind and set up a gig at a small club and try it and see how I am received? If so, any words of caution/wisdom?

Thanks for reading and your comments \m/
How do you play gigs now in your home town? I wouldn't imagine it being too different than LA.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Seen it? Not a ton. But, as long as you engage the crowd, I doubt that most people (except for assholes) are going to give a shit whether it's backing tracks or if it's a live band. People want to be entertained. So, ENTERTAIN!