I'll keep this concise. This song was written by me and our vocalist. Now, usually as a band we write in a funk-rock kind of style, but us two are both really into R&B/soul - so left to our own devices this is what we come out with. The song is focused on vocal layering and the bassline, with everything else supporting it.

In terms of the song itself, as it is a finished product I'd prefer to hear what you like and don't like (rather than how it could be done better).

Also for anyone with an ear for production, I'd be curious to your thoughts. I mixed and mastered this myself, and it's the first time I've done that in nearly 2 years. Most of it was recorded in my living room, of course.


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The vocals should work a bit on harmonising, other than that I think that you're really really good and that you have great potential. You just gained a new fan!
decent song.

couldnt really make out most of the verse lyrics

the chorus needs more build IMO. If the chorus popped out a bit more the whole song would be stronger (thats probably true of most stuff though lol)

nice vid
I really enjoy this. Very catchy musically. Vocally, though, I just don't get a feeling of any kind of hook. That's not to say his voice is bad, its awesome. Goes really well with the style of music. The mix sounds great, better than anything I could ever do. You can hear each instrument perfectly and the vocals aren't muddy at all. Gonna check out some of your other stuff as well, m'friend!

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Great tune man! I really dig the guitar tones. The only comment I would have is that it sorta sounds like you're lacking a little bass on the bass guitar (not overall); But that could just be my speakers. Did you guy's record this yourselves?

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Thanks for the comments everyone. I've critted in as much depth as I could for those who requested it too!

I kind of disagree that the harmonies are weak. They're probably my favourite bit! Our vocalist and drummer did a few improvisations over the track and we picked out and layered the best bits. And for an example of quality, there's 8 layers of BVs in the second chorus, and without any autotune or syncing.

I do agree that our vocalist struggles with diction in places. He has a bit of lisp though so it's hard for him. However, he's been working on it a lot lately - we'll have another track out by the end of August, and if any of you hear it I think you'll be surprised by his progress.

The vagueness to the song is sort of intentional, it's meant to be kind of dreamy and ambient. It definitely strays from our usual sound though, which I'd say is somewhere between jazz-funk and straight up indie.

Everything was mixed + mastered by me. And recorded in various rooms of the band members' houses.

It was indeed hard to get the bass right - I don't have any monitors, so I've mixed with headphones. It might well be a bit weak on the sub frequencies.