Hey guys,

I'm pretty familiar with guitars and all, but I'd like your advice on a trade I was offered.
First off, the tone I'm ultimately after is a really crunchy, bitey-throaty sound... Just metal really, shredding.

Here's the trade:

My Epiphone Explorer for an Arkane A200ST

Personally, I've never heard of arkane but I've looked at a couple reviews...

What do you guys think, good trade or shall I keep my explorer?
It seems the Arcane is a model by LAG. LAG is based in France where the guitars are "designed". They are manufactured in China though. It looks like they are loaded with a cheapo Floyd Rose special and EMGHZ's, which typically doesn't spell quality to me. Of course Epis mostly come from China now so their quality is typically suspect also. Yours may be Korean, or maybe made somewhere else depends on the year, etc.

You can get pretty damn Metal with an Explorer, unless you are just looking for a Floyd equipped guitar. If you are I would personally look for something with a better trem system than the special though. Of course if yours is totally beat with a broken and repaired neck and the other guitar is pristine you might come out ahead. JMO YMMV
I too have never heard of an Arcane guitar but I looked it up and it does have a few decent reviews on line. It looks good but I think I like the look of the Explorer more. Mybe it's just that I'm old school in that department. If it feels better to you and you like the sound, go for it. I agree on being careful to check the low grade Floyd Rose. If you can't keep it tune, nothing else matters.
Play it. It's probably a lemon. People don't proactively get rid of good guitars unless they are upgrading to something better.
If it's got the EMG HZ's in it, avoid it like the plague. Nothing but a muddy, gloppy mess of a passive pickup.

Epiphone explorers tend to have the epi version of the gibson 496 pickups, which are pretty decent.
If you want a throaty metal sound, look to your pedals or amp.
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Cheers for the replies guys! What do you guys think of the Ibanez range? The only reason I want to ditch my explorer is because of the shape and weight. It doesnt really suit me... Im looking to spend around £600 and a Floyd rose would be preffered... Unless there's any disadvantages to having a Floyd?
Depends what Ibanez, Im a huge Ibby fan but mostly only of the ones made in Japan. The only disadvantages to Floyds are the learning curve for setups (and thats not bad) and the fact you can't just change to drop tunings and back if that is your thing.