Have you watched a movie and it had a really great soundtrack or theme.
I'm learning to compose and if you have any particular that you like please tell me
I really like movie scores and i'm planning to learn from them.

I really like the soundtrack of the Mummy:

thisll prob get closed for suggest-a-song, alan's pretty trigger happy with that cause that and full-on fist fights are about the only times they get to close threads around here

i like the soundtrack for spring breakers because it's made so purposely painstakingly bad that it has to be parodying the horrible kind of people that would be attracted to it based on the misleading previews rather than the director's signature hopeless artistic aesthetic
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loads of good ones but one of my favourites is last of the mohicans

also really like lord of the rings

most of the john williams, john barry etc. ones are really good.

can i cheat and say the gadfly by shostakovich?
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