For a total beginner do you think justinguitar or Gibson's learn and master is better for learning. Who do you think is a better teacher. Price doesn't matter just focus on which teacher you would recommend.
Never tried Gibson's learn and master, but I have watched Justin Sandercoe on YouTube and I like him a lot.
As someone who has played guitar for 21 years and taught it for 15, i really think guitar tuition is often like paint by numbers, doesnt involve enough active listening or active use of how music works.

Whatever you choose make sure it focuses on aural skills, even if it is Smoke on the water. Good luck.
Justin is a good teacher. I think that he's one of only a few that I would consider a "teacher". Why not just pay nothing, and take all of Justin's online video series, and then evaluate what you think you need from there?

As a teacher, I'm very critical of anyone that presumes to "teach". Most in my observation do not. Most are passive - they explain and demonstrate, and that's not what teaching is. I'm familiar with Ken Krenz but not the entire product. I've seen samples, and what I have seen did not impress me.

But I've seen Justin, and respect his teaching gifts. Given the two as choices, I'd say Justin.

I don't know what, if any your knowledge gaps are, your playing goals, etc, so I cannot comment more specifically towards your particular situation.


JustinGuitar and Marty Schwartz are great. No question about it.
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