It is a rather typical Gibson/Epiphone ES-series knockoff. I doubt it has much value at all, even if it is a good guitar.
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Looks like a Tiesco clone, and probably from the late '60's.

Definitely not worth $200, and probably more like $50-75.

Not a "lawsuit" guitar by any stretch, either.
I agree with fatalgear, a lot of times they're really nice guitars and play beautifully but resale value is all about name recognition. Although, they aren't always a bad buy, I bought an old $250 mij lp special copy bout 5 years ago and its still one of my favorite guitars. It plays very nice and has the sweetest fat, punchy chime amongst my poorman's guitar collection.
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Hmmm, bolt on neck to a 60s JP guitar usually means lowest quality. Seller says the neck is "twisted" and not really playable. $25 wall art.
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