I've been looking into more versatile fuzz options over my current Big Muff Pi to cover more artist ground. I was thinking on the big muff pi deluxe, but saw a swollen pickle used for $70. I've been side by siding them, and I love the tweak-ability. At first I wanted something with just a mids control over it, but it's the use of it in conjunction with the crunch, clip, and voice knobs that makes this fuzz a versatile game changer.

The big difference between the two (once I tweaked the SP to sound like the BMP) is that the BMP is a lot brighter. It's not necessarily bad, but the single tone knob just isn't enough for me. I feel that the Swollen Pickle better allows different guitar, pickup, and amp setups to adapt to different tones that a regular big muff pi would struggle with. For an example, single coil pickups can sound like humbucker driven fuzz tones by increasing the crunch and scoop knob. Also, the volume of the swollen pickle really depends on the combo of the scoop and clip knob. For an example, I got a good Sabbath tone by having clip and voice near noonish, crunch at 0 and scoop at 9:00, but needed the volume near 3:00 or more. My big muff pi, on the other hand, was only at 1:00 for level, 10:00 for tone. However, the gain was the same for both pedals.

The only downside is that the manual I found online isn't too helpful (it doesn't give the particular direction to turn the smaller trim pots) and that it does take a lot of tweaking. Once I work with it a bit more, I'm pretty confident I'll be selling the big muff pi and keeping the swollen pickle.
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