I got my white Ibanez Art-100 autographed on the back by my favorite guitarists the other day with a permanent black marker. I'm super paranoid about ruining the autographs so I was wondering what lacquer or other protective coating I should use to preserve the autographs and how to apply it.
If its on the back I would just get some clear vinyl to put over it...like clear autowrap type stuff.

To get a clear coat like laquer to stick you would actually have to scuff the surface so you would likely mess up the sigs anyway.
If I had the $$$, I'd replace the guitar and put the autographed one on display in a nice case on my wall or some such.

One of my axe-slingin' buds from high school got a lot of his idols' autographs, but he made sure they always signed a replaceable part, like a pickguard or back plate. That way, he could remove and replace the part and display it seperately.
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Here's the guitar. It was signed by Nick Hipa, Phil Sgrosso, and Shane Blay.

Next time get your guitar idols to sign a piece of paper and you can stick them safely in a frame for display. That's much cooler and better than having them sign your guitar IMO. The only sure fire way you can preserve the signatures is to just not handle/play the guitar anymore.
If you use any kind of stick-on cover, there is a risk that the sigs will bleed into the adhesive.

The only foolproof way I can think of doing it is to use a sheet of clear acrylic, say 1/8", available from handyman stores. I use it to make pickguards. That will involve screw holes or maybe double-sided adhesive tape. I personally would for a pickguard look with screws, you can make the whole thing look neat by bevelling and polishing the edges of the acrylic.
Maybe you could also try that static cling vinyl. No adhesive to worry about.