Hey all!

I'm starting my second project. My cousin bought this old Ibanez X-series from the mid 80's at a pawn shop for dirt cheap, and gave it to me as my first guitar. Really cool looking guitar, its got that hair metal star shape to it, and was painted hot rod red. Since then, I've moved on from it as it honestly didn't sound too great. So I plan to give it a less flamboyant finish and some new pups and hardware.

A friend of mine recommended that I try using this potent paint thinner to remove the finish. The issue was that Ibanez put on so many coats of paint and primer and such that the only thing the paint thinner did was decay the plastic binding. So I sanded it all down by hand, but now the binding is ruined.

So now I have a bare wood Ibanez with almost melted looking binding around it. I'm looking for suggestions on how to remove the binding so I can put new binding in there. Would rerouting the binding channel be the right way to go? Or would the plastic prove to be an issue? I measured the binding where it wasn't so damaged and it is approximately 1/4x1/16". Should I get a binding router bit and a 1/4x1/16 bearing from Stewmac and reroute the channel?

I also plan to stain the guitar a darker brown color, but I'm not sure what type of wood it is and I don't know how well the stain would take. If someone could tell me how to post a picture of it here, that'd be great too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!