Just put together random stuff I wrote for guitar, added to it then made the instrument piano. Thing on bar 78 is just a tapping exercise for guitar.
More normal than my usual crap but I think it's pretty okay. Just needs to be implemented in actual songs.
I know this isn't very tech proggy but I don't know what to call it.
You have to tell me your thought process behind writing some of this. It's like... It makes sense, I just... Don't know how. But yeah, this is a lot more normal than your other stuff. It's interesting to hear that you're capable of being so normal I won't even try critting this like a normal song, though. It's just so damn experimental (same goes with your other song you posted recently).

By the way, in your other song, I did notice that you reused that riff at bar 40 from a previous thing you posted. Speaking of which, yes, you're a legend! I remember you getting a bunch of hate for your file... "hate.gp5" But I actually liked a lot of it. You need to make that intro into a song.

It seems like your music has only gotten more complex over time, and I can't really say whether or not that's a good thing. Some of the ideas in Pianoism are enjoyably simple, and I'd love to hear a full song of stuff like that, but I just don't think that's going to happen
I've gotta say man, when you drop the chaos at about part 8 on-wards it's like you become a whole other composer! It's probably just may ears, but I can never usually hear your musicality, but by god is it here in force in this piece.

I can't follow what the hell you're doing most of the time, but there are many parts that makes sense (but are still complex and prog-esque) that I really, really like. Others... not so much in my opinion, but you like your thing and I like mine. Am I right? haha
Really wasn't expecting anyone to remember the other stuff I posted, hence the re-use there. Just seemed to fit in with the general metal riff stuff going on. All of this stuff, takes only like a day or so to write. It's just that I have no way of recording actual songs or anything so it's difficult to get really into writing a full song.
I'm only going to get weirder over time, as my technique grows as does my weirdness, so prepare yourselves for futures posts, if you care.
My thought process is very formulaic, none of this is random, at all, it's all planned out.
Death to conventional thinking.
Some of this stuff I myself actually don't like all that much either. We might be liking the same bits, I don't know. Some of this stuff was made like a year ago. Just compiled stuff into a file for ease of access.
I know there seems to be no musicality, but that just depends on what you consider musicality to be, if it's conventional then all the stuff I make is just ear rape. But to me it's my musicality and what I strive for is to eventually create some really odd full songs for the few that aren't scared off by the strangeness.
Death to conventional thinking.
And that's just awesome, because you're doing what's true to you. I just worry that some of your true brilliance is hidden behind layers of stuff that, while you may understand it, sounds like a strange mess to others.

But then again we do music for ourselves at the end of the day. Not others. No matter how much you wish it were true haha
Layers of stuff just means the more you listen to it the more you understand, and that's just fun.
Death to conventional thinking.
kill the first 4 measures
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