Tone out of context is basically useless. You'd be surprised how bad some great sounding guitar tones sound when removed from the context of a mix.

It's pretty fizzy though. You might want to consider a better amp sim.
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I actaully the ran a orange micro terror. It sounded better but I lost the left channel somehow.
Like chemicalfire said, it's sort of hard to tell how it'll sit in the mix, without it being in a mix. However, I think it'd sound killer with a huge stoner metal type bass behind it!

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You know, you don't use a "full guitar tone" in a mix, you have to remove some stuff to give space to all the other tracks and make everything sit well in the mix.

The guitar usually sits in the midrange, sometimes in all of it (lower midrange, mid midrange and upper midrange) and sometimes only in parts of it. It also has some presence in the lower trebble (from about 2khz to 4khz). For my ears, most of your tone character is in the lower and mid treble (from about 2khz to 8khz), this not only makes your guitar very fizzy, but it'll also make your guitar fight the vocals and cymbals in a mix context.
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