Hey guys, you'll have to excuse me I'm new to customizing. I have a 2006 Squier Jagmaster project guitar on the go. It has 24 scale neck and I would like to change the neck to 25.5 as I play in C standard tuning. The bridge is a standard tremolo like you would get on a Strat, but I'm going to block that so it's hardtailed. Would that scale neck work on the body the way it is now?

I've also told that a conversion neck maybe a better option, if so what scale would work?

Also does anybody know where I could a replacement neck for Jagmaster too?


It probably won't work. Adding 1.5'' to to your scale is quite a lot, and you'll need to make sure the frets end up at the correct distance from the bridge. This means the new neck will need to move up, away from the body. You'll have to drill new holes for the bolt-on construction, and it'll probably be horribly unstable.
I have no experience with swapping necks, so maybe someone else can give some definitive advice. As for the conversion neck, I have no idea what' special about that and what it'll do.
Not impossible to do, but it may need a custom neck as most Strat necs have the 22th fret on a flange to make them installable on older 21 fret bodies. You may even will able to have 24 frets, that 1.5" is equals roughtly with one extra fret.

You should consult to a luthier, he may be able to make you one after consulting.
There were 3 different versions to date, firstly the vista japanese version, then the 2nd versions with 25.5 'normal' fender' length necks (does anyone know if these were japanese built too?) and finally, what I have, the chinese 24" proper jaguar length conversion' neck models, but they are no lesser a guitar than the japanese ones and they were some of the final squiers made in china before production was moved to Indonesia. Only the Final (or most recent) chinese jagmasters had the 'conversion neck' which you could bolt onto say a strat and it would intonato properly or vice versa. Does anyone know anyone about the tremolos on these chinese ones? And does anybody know if the string spacing is 10.5mm or higher than 10.8? They look like the vintage 6 screw trems, If they are I'll leave it and just replace the trem block with a bigger brass or steel one. if they are the same vintage screw spacing, I may go for the wilkinson vintage spacing trem. they're supposed to have stagged string bobbin stops in the block so that the strings lengths are keep indentical throughout the guitar. I can't wait to pick mine up, It's black, but I've ordered the tortoiseshell pickguard as it looks way better than the white ones that come standard, and the only other mods I'll do are a tusq xl nut and hotter pickups, I reckon they are the ultimate offsets out there, just that they kinda picked up some funky Les Paul and Strat genes along the way.
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