Well a couple things could use improving. \your bends seem a bit out of tune at times your, phrasing could be better; seems to be a lot of times where you stopping and not knowing what to play next and so the licks seem kinda disjointed, and there are a few dead notes every now and then. Also, though this doesn't pertain to your playing, your tone is bit messy (either that or your recording). Outside of that I'd suggest try playing outside of the standard pentatonic scale a bit to spice up your licks a bit and create more variation. That's just my unprofessional opinion as a shit player though.
Thanks for the advice! yeah the shitty tone is because I used a rockband cable and my laptop haha
Work on your bends. As somebody already mentioned, your bends are a little sloppy. I also noticed the dead notes - improving your technique can fix this.

Finally... When I listen to a lead or solo guitar, my ear wants to hear it start a little slower and gradually crescendo - reaching a climax. It's certainly a matter of personal taste, but you seemed to come straight out of the gate with both barrels firing. I would've rather heard the fast, shreddy stuff towards the end. Again... it's my personal preference.
Your playing is fragmented - your phrases are not connected to each other and there is no feeling of continuity, bends are out of tune, some fast parts are sloppy. The licks are quite repetitive, not a lot of variation. Too many pauses in between playing.