Im interested in buying a jazzmaster. Whats the difference between a Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special Electric Guitar and a Fender American Special Jazzmaster Electric Guitar? Besides the tail piece and bridge being different. Which one has less buzz, sounds better etc.
As with most guitars, what 'sounds better' is entirely subjective to the unique guitar in question, depending on the setup and pickups you prefer etc..

The tail piece and bridge being different is actually pretty major for jazzmasters - It depends if you want behind the bridge noise or tuning stability etc.. I don't think you can say definitively what jazzmaster will sound 'better' based off different bridges etc.. Its more a case of preference as to what you want your jazzmaster to do.

Play both, see what you like

(I myself have a MIJ Jazzmaster with Curtis pickups and a mastery bridge)
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