For those of you who have not tried one, try one. For those of you looking to buy a Les Paul, consider this one. They have the 490R/498T Gibson Les Paul pickups - the smae pickups in Les Paul Studios made before 2012 and Les Paul Customs. These pickups sound great. Alongside the lovely maple neck (imo an upgrade - less headstock breaks, feels more sturdy in the hand, more durable, more tuning and set up stability...) and the gold top ones will age nicely. Rosewood fingerboard, mahogany body... regular LP specs other than the maple neck.

If you have always wanted a good gigging guitar or a Les Paul at a good price buy one of these.

We need a review page for these fine instruments.
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So, kind of like the reviews section of UG that already exists and has done for a long time now?
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Having searched, it appears as though you are correct, there is no review page for the LPJ, but that's probably because nobody has submitted a review yet. You can be the first!

All you have to do when submitting a review is select "other" in the "model" sub-menu and type the model name into the textbox that appears below it, as shown here:

You'll find the option to select "submit a review" to the right of the search bar anywhere on the main UG site (except the forums).
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