What do you think?

Tell your impresions if you owned one, how much it cost you, was it worth it or no?
It varies from model to model.

Personally, I don't currently own any sig guitars, but there are one or two I'd like to. But I find that most are not worth the premium prices asked for them.
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I personally own 5 guitars, and 2 basses, exept 1 guitar all are signatures.

I find it fascinating to play not a standart guitar, but already built with an idea in mind. All of them play completely different, i get hints of what and why was made the way it was. Started with one sig guitar, then couldnt stop.
personally while i would like to own a few signature guitars because of the unique designs/colours/etc, i really don't see the point in them/they're too much money.

the artist in question must have played a 'regular' guitar at one point and got their sound out of that therefore if you want their sound, then surely a 'regular' guitar will do. why spend $3000 on a signature strat when a $1000 USA made one is what the artist used and got their sound out of ?

sure some signature models have a completely different paint job to the standard models, Steve Vai's Jem, John Mayers Black1 strat and Brian May's guitar are the three that spring to mind but i'm sure there's more. Most signature models are just a regular guitar in a regular colour with an artist's name on them. Clapton's signature strat is essentially a black and white strat with a maple neck ($1000 instrument) with claptons name on the headstock and maybe some different pickups which then triples the value...

are they an investment for the future? possibly if said artist is a 'legend' after they die it might be worth more than you paid for it. but for now, i just see them as a money-making thing.
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My main guitar is a Schecter UltraCure - Robert Smith's model.
It features a unique and enlarged body-style, which I find very comfortable, and all hardware is top-notch. Even though he's one of my favourite guitarists, I would've bought it even if it wasn't Robert's sig.

Furthermore, some sigs greatly improve a common design. Johnny Marr's jaguar come to mind.
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Don't have any yet, but would be interested in some which are not full-on signature guitars with a huge logo. The Schecter KM-7 released this year is one of the most beautiful and elegant-looking guitars ever created, and the specs seem to be exactly right my alley... So I'd like to get my hands on one at some point.

Then there are some really nice ones which are very obviously signatures, and I really like them but would leave them be; I'd like my guitar to be more of a "personal statement" (and since the KM-7 looks simply like a new Schecter series than an obvious signature I'd see no problem with that). The only exception I can see is Mikael Akerfeldt's PRS sig, it's a sig AND a singlecut (which I mostly don't like too much) and it's incredibly pretty.
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If a signature guitar has something truly unique about it (that isn't easy to mod in), it might be worth buying. Otherwise, it's usually cheaper to get the guitar it was based on and mod that. You'll get the same sound either way.
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Personally, I think that the idea of owning the same guitar as, say, Angus Young (who's signature guitar is one of my favorite guitars I've played) is kind of cool. I have a Frank Bello signature bass, and I love it. I've played everything from jazz to thrash metal with it. Just the feel of the bass and the tone I really like. http://photobucket.com/user/hammerhead810/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zps1722831b.jpg.html

Of course, I also think that PsiGUY60 has a point. If you can find the guitar the sig model was based on, it's probably cheaper just to mod the standard one.

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It depends entirely on the model in question and whether other similar/practically identical models are available within the same price range or less.

Sometimes you get signature models which are practically the same but with a couple of hardware upgrades and the artist's signature inlaid onto the headstock. Oftentimes you can make the same upgrades to a non-signature version of the guitar and get something that does the exact same thing for less money than the signature model costs, making the signature model essentially a useless fanboy-magnet.

But there are some signature models which are too unique to fit into this category, for example, how most of EBMM's guitars are signature models and in many cases there are no non-signature versions of that particular available. In that regard, the Gibson Les Paul is a signature model too
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agree it depends on the model. as mentioned a guitar that just has a couple of minor changes that could be done easily probably isn't worth the extra money. if the specs can't be had on a non sig model and the guitar provides you with what you need then great go for it. despite being a strat guy I have a tough time with most sig strats as they can be duplicated with a pickup change most often (same with Les Pauls).

personally I want a guitar that suites my needs and chances are that I will have to make the changes myself. hey a monwobobbo sig guitar now we're talking.
Im sort of a collector, maybe a guitar hoarder would be better, who knows...lol. I like some sigs just to have them to pay homage to the guitarist. I like the Washburn Dimes, Wolfgangs, the Reb Beach Ibanez is a pretty unique guitar that only came as a sig, then there are guitars that are sig models but noone really thinks of them that way. The Jackson offset V is a prime example, they are call the RR for Rhandy Rhoades but most people just think of them as a Jackson V.

All that being said, if I were to do a live show the only sigs I would probably feel comfortable playing would be a wolfgang, RR, maybe the reb model.
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The Jackson offset V is a prime example, they are call the RR for Rhandy Rhoades but most people just think of them as a Jackson V.

I don't consider that to be a sig. It's a body style that happens to be named after Randy, as a tribute after his death. If he'd lived, he wanted to call it the Original Sin. So there'd have probably been a Randy Rhoads signature version of the Original Sin. :p

Same goes for several Jackson models - the King V is named after Robbin "King" Crosby, and the Kelly is named after Bradford Kelly - they're not sig models, they just happen to be named after the guy who had a hand in their design.

Anyway, sig guitars are a bit hit and miss in terms of whether they're worth buying. As as already been mentioned in this thread, when a sig model is essentially a standard model with different pickups and twice the pricetag, then it's ridiculous unless you *really* want a guitar with that guy's signature on the headstock. But then there's others that are considerably different from the maker's usual lineup, and depending on what you want they might be worth the price premium that's on them for being a signature model. I can think of a few that I really like - the EBMM Majesty, Jackson Phil Collen, Jackson Adrian Smith, Schecter Jeff Loomis.
As everyone has already said. It completely depends on the sig guitar in question. Some do have unique features that you cannot just 'mod' the guitar to get. Such as the access heel on the Epiphone Matt Heafy LP custom. Those kinds of sigs are the kind that I like. I also like guitars which are subtle about them being signature.

Too many sig guitars are nothing more than an artist's name and paintjob on a regular guitar, with an elevated price. And of course those are just not worth buying unless you're a fanboy.
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Quote by dannyalcatraz
It varies from model to model.

Personally, I don't currently own any sig guitars, but there are one or two I'd like to. But I find that most are not worth the premium prices asked for them.


Most are just a paint job and graphics on an ordinary guitar and I could care less.

I don't own any sig guitars, but there's one I'd be interested in -- a Neal Schon sig Gibson. This is an LP that has significantly moved controls, a Fernandes sustainer built in, a Floyd, a sweepable mids cut, different inlays and a sculpted Axcess-style neck with a full thickness body, more. Gibson says they only made 35 of them in pilot program, but other sources say up to 90 of them were actually built before Gibson and Schon parted company in a snit over Gibson's appropriation of Schon's neck carve for the Axcess series. In any case, owners have been very reluctant to part with them, and the street price was around $6500.

I eventually recreated the guitar on an Axcess Custom and an Agile neck-through custom. The mods alone ran $1500 per guitar. Surprisingly, the Agile is the better of the two guitars, since I was able to order it with a 16" radius, a 1 3/4" wide Floyd nut and a slightly thinner neck profile, as well as jumbo frets, all of which suit me (stand by for a dspellman sig guitar; I'm 517th on the current Gibson list, behind the NASCAR Jeff Gordon #24 sig and the Fifth Dimension Anniversary model).
I don't personally own a signature model, but my brother owns the Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster. Basically the pre 2013 (14?) American Vintage '57 with DiMarzio Super Distortion and PAF-pickups. Well worth it. Iconic guitar.

Other signature models are not worth it in my opinion. ESP/Ltd has overcharged for their Kirk Hammett signatures since forever for example without really offering anything but their standard features. (I refer to the black KH-202 or what it is called)

One signature model I would very much like to have is the Schecter Robin Zander "Dream Police" Corsair. A 335 looking as classy as a White Falcon.
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I think it is mostly an expensive con, based on the deep-seated superstition that if you own one like him/her you will play like him/her. I have never, ever gone in for guitar hero stuff of that kind.

However, the best acoustic I have ever bought was a sig model Bourgeois, and I have never played a better guitar for its intended purpose. I chose after a lot of careful research because it was specifically designed for slide and open tunings, not because of the name attached to it. - I'm not a big fan of his.
If I had my name on a guitar, I'd want it to be a guitar I would recommend, and one I would play. If I could go and get the perfect guitar made for me, I'd love for it to be made as a custome other people could buy. I'm sure a number of artists are that way. But I'm sure another number of artists would just stick their name on a guitar for some money.

As always though, guitars are a personal thing. What one guitarist likes, will not be what another guitarist likes. All the best guitarists don't all play the same guitar.
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My main axe is a Signature. Truth be told... It feels, looks, and sound great. I freakin love it. No one gas ever commented or snideed about it sucking or I suck. Actually I get nothing but compliments on the look and sound of it. I just get paranoid people might think I'm trying to copy his sound. I'm not trying to copy him. It's just that his sound had a huge influence on me and I like the feel and sound of the guitar.
The idea of the signature model guitar is great, especially from a marketing standpoint. Personally, I find that the majority of them are just too flashy, visually, and much too specific to the player they're made for. That's why I don't own any. When I bought my Schecter in 2006, I tried out one of the Synyster Gates sig models, and loved it. Felt great, played great, sounded great, but I decided against it because I didn't want someone else's name plastered all over my guitar. Went with a Hellraiser instead.

As for whether or not the guitars themselves are "sham or masterpiece", it varies wildly from brand to brand, and even from model to model from certain brands. There are definitely sig model guitars out there that are nothing but cheap shitty guitars with some famous player's name slapped on them as a marketing ploy, or cheap knockoff guitars that are made to look like the much higher-end guitars the famous guy actually uses. Like Fender's low end Squier sig models. Those are just shameless pieces of shit. Then there's Jackson, which usually makes two versions of their sig models. One that's cheaper, just made to look like the one the artist actually uses, and sells for less than $1000, and a much higher end, US-Made version, which is 2-3 times the price, and is actually the model the artist plays.

Schecter's sig models are identical to the ones the endorsed players actually use, and most of them are real nice. Like I said, the over the top visuals is the only reason I didn't buy a Syn signature 8 years ago. I want to get a 7 string this year though, and it's going to be a Schecter Keith Merrow sig model. That thing is just so damn classy. A sig model done right, in my opinion. No crazy paint job, with band logos or anything. No flashy inlays, with the dude's name in pearl on the fretboard, or shit like that. Just a sleek, mean lookin axe, with Merrow's name on the truss rod cover. Done and done.
It varies from model to model. Some signature guitars in my opinion are way too personal. Those guitars have like artist stickers and their son's name all over it. I personally hate those type of sig guitars. It seems like you can only use that guitar if you are in a cover band. Signature guitar should be a guitar with an artist twist on it not a birth certificate.
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My main guitar is a Yngwie Strat... That being said, apart from the signature on the headstock and scalloped fretboard you'd never know.
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