hey hey guys
so i caught my finger in a fire door about 3 weeks ago and it was a deep enough cut at the top of my finger just where the smallest knuckle is basically, the sorest part was the knuckle it felt bruised even though it didn't look like it was, when it was healing there was some kind of tingly feeling throughout my finger when i touched it too, anyhoo 3 weeks later the cut is healed up and there's no bruise but anytime i hold down a bar chord a shooting pain runs through my whole finger it's really painful, does anyone know if there could be nerve or ligament damage? or does it just need more time to heal? i could go to the doctor but it costs 50 euro so any advice is mucho appreciated as always
That sucks that you don't have an NHS or similar

I don't know you're going to get any advice other than "go to the doctor" (or at least any advice that I'd feel safe going by unless I knew for sure the person giving that advice actually was a doctor).
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My advice? Spend the 50euros, man. We can suggest this or that, but none of us are doctors who are PHYSICALLY THERE, examining your finger. MT is not your doctor. Now, go to the doctor and make sure you didn't massively screw up your finger. Fucking hell, man!
Go to a doctor.

Also don't seek medical advice from the internet.

And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.