So I've been working on my pedal set up for awhile collecting as many fuzz pedals as I can afford haha bought the ns-2 aaaaages ago but never wanted to sacrifice power out of my voodoo lab pp2+, until I finally plugged in the ns-2 today, daisy changed the power so the pedal power is powering 10 pedals and made a loop with the pharaoh fuzz, nessfield bluezer and fuzzrocious terrordactly and holy shit can not believe I havent been doing this since forever, my set up has never sounded this good! I'm plugging this into an orange rockerverb 50 with 4x12, with this suppressor I can really crank the amp and pedals and not worry about all that unwanted buzz and hum it just cleans it up beautiful! I never noticed how bad the hum and buzz was until now I dont get any of it haha crazy! I actually feel stupid that I haven't been doing this for years, oh well you live and you learn!
still need another couple patch leads to plug the morley buffer boost and fuzzrocious tremoslow in.

also no I don't work for boss I just feel like this is a revelation to me and might help others.

It's a beautiful device. I still don't have one but have used one and ofc know what it is. Should be bagging one for £40 used this week to shut up a 9/10 gain ironheart and my ts9!
Pretty much had the same reaction a few months ago, I've noticed it does suck a tiny amount of tone but if you ask me the trade off is so worth it. Not a fan of Boss pedals myself but I keep this on my board all the time
My NS-2 does an amazing job too -- no "tone suck" either. If anything, it boosts the signal a bit.

Oh, and TS, periods are nice.
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Bought a NS-2 couple weeks ago wanted an ISP Decimator but they didn't have any in stock, but I'm perfectly satisfied with it don't really experience any of this "tone sucking" that people complain about. It's nice to have the loop in it and the little power supply out or whatever you want to call it is nice to have too. I bought a cable and I power all my other pedals off the NS-2. Not sure if the ISP has those features.
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I havent had any tone sucking at all it's right after my DT whammy which draws heaps of current the ns-2 gives the signal a nice boost into the fuzz section