Hi Everyone,

My name is Sef Bezemer and i live in the Netherlands. I have been playing and composing music for a long time .
Since a couple of years i started to play and compose music with the guitar as the main instrument.
mainly instrumental (Rock) music.

My influences are both from Modern music as from classical music. I think that you can hear bothes styles in my compositions.

I use Guitar pro as a guitar composing tools , which sounds far from perfect , but it will play the composition precisely as i want it too.
And i can write music that goes beyond my level of playing.

With my DAW Studio one Pro i write and play the music myself , so i am limited by my guitar playing capabilities.I record with a Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 36 directly into my computer .
Both ways of working are very satisfying to me , although they produce somewhat different pieces of music.