Every single TAB I have looked at has been incorrect in one way or another. I should just start my own TAB site. If I can contribute corrections I will but that kinda defeats the purpose of why I joined this collection of TABS.....
If you want 100% correct tabs...go buy the tab book for whatever it is you are trying to learn. Don't whine over something you get for free.
I always choose the Guitar Pro tabs, listem to them and weed out the ones that may be incorrect to find the one that sounds the most accurate.
And the point of this thread is...?

If you don't like UG, you don't have to complain -- you can simply go elsewhere.
And btw, there are plenty of 100% correct tabs here. Either you're having bad luck with the songs you're looking for, or the tabs are in fact correct and you're mistaken about them being incorrect.

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If you see that they're incorrect and talk about a new site with correct tabs...
Why not correct these faulty tabs and post a correction while giving credit to the original tab creator (assuming they've got something right).
That's the way we get more 100% correct tabs.
But yeah, as stated above, you must have not looked at many songs to find no correct tabs.
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