I am am pretty skilled electric guitar player, and I recently just bought a bass. I have started to record some demos and stuff on my own as well as some in my band. I previously used the built in mic in my computer because that was one of my only options at the time however I found online that you can use rock band mics through your computer lol. I started doing that and it sounds good however I am wanting to purchase a mic that will better record my guitar and bass amp as well as some singing. I am only using one mic so I'm not sure whether I need to buy a normal mic and buy a mixer to transfer it to a computer or buy a USB mic that will plug directly into a computer. Due to the fact that I just spend almost $500 on a new bass and amp and that I am only 15, I want a mic that is not extremely expensive but will get the job done nicely. Please feel free to give me suggestions on possible mic ideas!!!
When on a budget and looking for a mic that will perform well on vocals and guitar amps it can be tricky, you will almost certainly need to decide on some pro's and cons.

If I were you I would consider usability very carefully. A USB mic may help on your budget but then you will only be able to use it with your computer and not for band practice or live.

Since it sounds like you are starting to get into recording you may want to consider what you would like your recording set up to look like in a year or 2. This means buying the highest quality products that you can on your budget, keeping in mind that equipment you buy today should still be relevant in your studio in 2 years from now.

All that being said, I would highly recommend you go for a scarlett-2i4 audio interface + Shure SM58 mic. This will hit you about $300 but will set you up for very long time will high quality kit that you will never have to replace in the search for better quality.

You could save yourself $100 bucks and get an M-audio FastTrack instead of the scarlett, but honestly the quality of the M-audio means you will probably bomb it in the bin if you ever get more serious about recording, where as the scarlett will always stay with you as a go to interface for any type of recording.

Also, check out this sticky in the recordings forum, https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1541771 which is actually the right place to post these sort of questions.
like Victor stated - audio interdace is a must for convenient recording. Then you can also record your bass in line, without a mic/amp and do it quiet in the night
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Head over to the Recordings sub-forum, there's a stickied thread there that will tell you everything you need to know about this
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