Okay, This might sound weird but when I listen to classic rock on my computer I am rarely able to hear the rhythm guitar parts clearly, especially when the singer starts singing. I mean there is nothing wrong with my ears. I am just amazed how someone can hear all the parts clearly and transcribe everything easily. Can someone help?
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I am really embarrassed to post but this is the one. I have trouble hearing what Blackmore is playing when Dio starts singing.

and it only happens to for classic rock?????

btw I can hear the guitar under the vocals NP.

Maybe it's just a matter of experience. It's hard to pick things out at 1st. The more you do it though, the better you'll get it.
It could really be either one, when I first started playing, I couldn't really pick anything out other than lead guitars and vocals except the occasionally few seconds, the more i've listened and trained my ears, the more i can pick out or hear multiple things at once.

...then again, I've also had shitty speakers or weird sound settings that prevent me from fully hearing music. Go to your control panel, click sound, right click and select properties, then enhancements and select loudness equalization and see if that helps any, nothing else should really be checked.

Trying to listen to things under Dio's voice can be a bit difficult, just concentrate on the guitars from the beginning and never let the voice take your concentration away, you'll get it, practice like that. Try to find a good starting point for whatever instrument you want to hear and just concentrate.