Hi, I'm 15 and in a band, I'm the lead guitarist and I want to start writing our own stuff, but the singer and drummer want to do some more covers before we actually start, my problem is that we want to do different styles of rock, I want to do classic rock, older punk and heavy metal where as they want to pop punk. Does anyone know any bands/songs we could cover until we start writing?, thanks

P.S we also don't have a name, so if you have any suggestions that would be great
You don't have to stick to one genre of music when writing. The best music uses a wide range of sounds.

No one here is going to come up with a band name for you, that's the bands job. Don't force it, something will arise.
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For a band name, I recommend "Toot and the Braunstiens"
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it's all coming back

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The style of the band is influenced by all members in the band. I'm sure you'll figure out your style. Now just play some songs that you like to learn to play together. Also, start writing music. If you have written original riffs, show them to your bandmates. Maybe they have more ideas. If what they come up with doesn't sound good to you, tell them about it. Also tell them what you are after. But you may have to make compromises. I would say don't get too stuck with genres. Just write music. If it doesn't fit pop punk or whatever, who cares? If it sounds good, it is good. And if it's not what you were originally after, it may not be a bad thing. As long as it sounds good to you, it is good. And you can always make changes to your songs.

What's great with playing in a band is that everybody adds their own twist to the music. The other members may get ideas that you would never even have thought of.
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