I need some new songs to play on the guitar. I like bands such as asking alexandria, BMTH, crown the empire and other bands like that.

Anyone has any good songs ? drop d or drop c
All those bands tune stupid low, though if you get guitar pro files for their songs you can just pitch them up to play long.

Lamb of God is in drop D and arguably more interesting to play than those bands. So many riffs in LoG's catalogue.
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this is just from memory but
Escape the Fate has alot if not all of their stuff in drop c
A Skylit Drive's wires...and the concept of breathing was in drop d
Chiodos i think has all their stuff in drop d
Something thats very breakdowny in Drop C is Filth Friends Unite by I See Stars or If your a bit more technical with guitar i posted a tab for Issues by Escape The Fate thats in Drop C and feels amazing to play once you get the speed down and the guitar solo is relatively easy
Trivium's albums (apart from Shogun) is either in Drop D or Drop Db

As I lay Dying have some interesting riffs (the last two albums Awakened and Powerless Rise, in particular) and they are usually in either Drop C or D. Anodyne Sea off of the Powerless Rise has one of the best breakdowns I've heard.
You could check out Mikoto. I like them and (sadly) have seen comparisons to those bands you like. I forgot if they're in drop d or drop c#. But The Hours You Keep (or sleep. I forgot. Check lastfm) is a good song by them. Ps. It's the singer from Taken so you can check them out too. They're in drop c# but their earlier stuff is in drop d. The early stuff you can't find on youtube. Just too underground