Hey guys I'm considering purchasing a modded 2000 ibanez rg7620 i found on craigslist. It has a 27 inch scale with 27 frets with what appears to be a quilt maple fretboard. I was wondering if anyone has any tuning and/or string gauge recommendations? I was considering tuning it to drop F# so I can get that low F# of an 8 string without loosing any of the higher frets.

Here is the link to it. It's the one with the maple/purpleheart/zebrawood top on it

Thanks ~drgoogs
No offense that looks sketchy as hell. Also, not quilted maple, looks spalted.

To actually answer your question I'd do 10-52 for the first 6 and an 80 on the 7th if you wanna do a drop like that .
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