Hey guys. This is my first time posting on here, so I hope that this is the right place.

I've recently come across trouble with my Floyd Rose. I have an ESP LTD MH 1000, and it's pretty much the love of my life - hence why I'm getting so worked up about it. Probably more so than I should be?

To begin with, the bridge wasn't flush with the body. Perhaps I didn't set the system up properly before. I tried sorting it out, and one of the strings snapped. Out of impulse, I removed all of the strings. I have absolutely no idea why I did this.

The bridge has sunken into the body (because there's no tension on the bridge, I suppose), and is very loose (again, because there's no tension).

I'm getting really worked up because I'm worried the neck is going to be damaged or the bridge won't work when I set it up.. I really don't know. I'm probably stressing for no reason - I really hope that I am.

I've ordered new strings. They're coming on Wednesday (13th). Is my guitar ruined? What do I need to do to it? I know someone who might be able to adjust the truss rod if need be. He's over near my dad's house, and I'm going there this Friday. Should I just leave everything until then when I might be able to adjust the truss rod, or would it not be a problem if there's no strings for a few days?
Ok, first off. Calm down. You didn't break your guitar. (At least, it doesn't sound like you did.)

Secondly, follow the steps in this thread to properly set up your guitar.

A few tips:
  • Make sure to stretch your new strings BEFORE you tighten the locking nut. Simply tune to the desired tuning and then gently tug each string several times. If you fail to do this, tuning your guitar will be hell.
  • Gently wedge a screwdriver behind the bridge while you are putting new strings on it. Why? Because this will keep the bridge mostly flush with the body until the string tension takes over. Remove before final tuning.
Yes. The neck is ruined and you should throw the guitar in a fire.

You're worrying over absolutely nothing.

And there's absolutely no need to send the guitar off to someone to get it set up. There are thousands of resources online for how to set up guitars, and Floyd Rose vibrato's. It's in your own interest to know how to set up your own guitar and to understand how everything works.
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I think the only reason that I'm worrying so much over it is because I worked so hard to get it, and so that's why I'm worrying a bit too much.. Plus, not worrying about things isn't something I'm good at.

But thanks for the tips! Really appreciate it!