I've been wanting to get into ambient/postrock type stuff for a while but it's hard to slow it down and chill it out sometimes. Having said that, this isn't really postrock.

I love the production, the bass sounds nice and full instead of being an afterthought like many songs. I can't stand the drum track though, the tone of those drums is the exact same that i've heard on countless songs and it really grates my nerves lol. They are put together rhythmically very well and they are written well, i just can't stand the sound of the kick and snare. Not a criticism on you though i guess.

It flows well and is well rehearsed. I enjoyed it, well done.

c4c, pick one?


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I like the way you keep overlaying guitars. I think you need more variation before 1:30; the lead could vary a lot more.

I like the release at 2:10.

The part starting around 2:40 is great, it offers some much needed variety. The wah part that comes in fits perfectly, and was a great way to end it.

Overall, it's a pretty chill track, but it's pretty repetitive.

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