Sup guys...just gonna say sorry in advance that I posted this thread in the pit but I never seem to get any answers on the technique forum. Anyways I have a question about finger stretches/finger control as well as hand movement and placement. I have just gotten into "position playing" in a modern method to guitar (berklee school of music guitar book). My question is how does one maintain the best technique when having to stretch a finger (either the first or the fourth) to play notes outside of the frets you are playing in. My guitar teacher tells me not to move my hand and just my fingers but this seems difficult and nearly impossible to not move your hand some what. I hope this question is clear and that there is actually some sort of instructional video on this. Thanks in advance
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well my friend I am glad you asked. I recommend doing some finger yoga before picking up your instrument. right now I am doing a special offer on my finger yoga technique dvds. PM me and we can work something out
You posted in the technique forum and got a good response by an 8 year regular, if there was something missing or you just didn't understand him entirely post a reply.

Your responses in this thread will be total shit but plentiful, your responses in the technique forum might be sparse but at least informative. The choice is yours.
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with a title like that you could have at least thrown one comment about sex in.

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