I used to play in one in high school. Several in fact because I played sax at the time so I played in classical 'bands' (not sure it's the right term, English not my first language, plus I know saxes aren't exactly classical, but hey, my music school wasn't into the jazzy stuff), plus one pop one I guess. Also played in a jazz band at uni, still sax. As a guitarist (I've been playing since I was 18, sax I started at 10, I'm pretty good at theory and sight reading...), never...

Now I'm 41 and I really think that my playing would improve a lot if I played in a band, plus it'd be fun. I tried with some colleagues at work but the other guy I was usually playing with (also a guitarist) was mostly interested in playing the stuff he comes up with at me, and never really shown real interest in playing, like, together... I mean he's a nice guy and all and he's actually but he's just not good at all at listening to others, it just doesn't interest him as far as I can tell (or maybe I just suck that bad! :-D) Past a certain age, you work all day, it's a lot harder to find other musicians... how do you (older) guys do it?

I'd love to find a singer, a bass player and a drummer and muck around, I just have no idea how to go about it. Are there any sites to help with that? Like meetup? Maybe I should just put an ad on craigslist but you never really know with CL...
I would say craigslist would be your best option. It can be tough to meet the right people and get your foot in the door but once you do there's a good chance that opportunities will come by if you can play your instrument well. Meeting someone on the internet can seem kinda sketchy but you gotta get out of your comfort zone. It would be nice to meet someone through mutual friends or through work but it doesn't seem to be working.

I joined my first band just a couple months ago before than I couldn't seem to find anyone who had interest in playing in a band. Now that I met the right people I have offers to join 2 other bands crazy how things go when you get involved.
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Well I tried meetup for now, wel'll see how it goes. Joined one group in my area. How'd you find yours?
I'm pretty much with UFC - you have to go meet people that you haven't met before. As you play more it becomes easier to join new bands etc. Sounds like you've already arranged an audition - hopefully it goes well.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Well I looked around and just couldn't really find anything online for what I was interested in but I did manage to find someone looking for a guitar player in a Country band which was great, the only problem being I'm not a big Country fan and couldn't really play the style at all.

I had heard that this band had just had a guitarist leave and they were looking. It also just so happened that someone in my family sold a vehicle to the leader of the band so I came along and pretty much ambushed the guy asking for a job. He agreed to see me play in a couple weeks time and I managed to learn just enough that he gave me the gig.

So ya I guess I kinda met through mutual people not online and also had a bit of luck but I guess you can say that I went out of my comfort zone and went for what I wanted, and things worked.
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^^^ Yep that's cool that you had the balls to ask the guy for a job. I've scored some cool gigs simply by doing the same thing. Hopefully it all goes well.

I know that this might seem kinda obvious, but continue to practice outside of band practice. I was recently in a situation where the bandleader let a guy in who was far less experienced than the rest of us. However he kind of won us over because he worked hard on improving his skills, and he did improve for about 6 months.

After this time he was getting some real confidence about his skills, which is all good, but this also meant that he stopped practicing outside of band practice, and his improvement was much, much slower than before. We'd all kinda noticed it but it wasn't until I recorded one of our gigs and watched it back that I realized that the band would be a lot better without him.

I alerted the bandleader to this, we ended up kicking the guy out after a couple of warnings.

So yeah, keep your practice schedule up because you may not keep the place in the band.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I decided at some point that I was tired of playing in my bedroom, but that I'd play bass because any band that wasn't utterly awful would already have a guitarist way better than me. Or want a guitarist way better than me. Anyway...

I put an ad up on CraigsList outlining exactly what I was - a 39-year-old n00b with absolutely zero band or gigging experience that could barely play bass, and I was looking to join my first band to gain exposure to same. I got two offers; one band bailed when it came time to set up an audition. The other band asked me to learn a song and then head up to meet them. We found a singer a few months later and we've had two gigs so far, so I guess you could say the rest is history.

In theory, anywhere that you can possibly meet other musicians is somewhere that you can find a band.
Open mics, craigslist, music store bulletin boards, college music classes are all places I have connected with other musicians over the years. Finding players with similar goals, skills, styles, and personal habits requires some regular weeding though. I have a circle of musician friends about 100 deep right now and we are always in and out of different projects. We keep in touch and get together as opportunities present themselves. Being a good player that is in demand helps.
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Everyone here has already said the most obvious and has provided great advice. One thing I will add is talking about music to EVERYONE you can. I am constantly mentioning music to everyone I meet and talk to. I'm very open dude and will talk to just about anyone so I will always find a way to bring up music. I will usually start with how much I love music and my favorite bands then get into my playing, current bands/projects, etc. You will be surprised how many musicians I have met this way.

I got into my first band about 6 years ago because of it. I was at Best Buy getting the All That Remains album Overcome and the dude checking me out said how he likes that band too and he is a bass player in a band looking for a second guitarist. I told him I play. One thing led to another and I sent him a video I have up on youtube covering a piece of Powerslave by Maiden. They liked it and wanted me to come down and audition and we all clicked. Next thing you know I am on stage about 3 months later doing my first show. Since then I have been in multiple cover bands, have done many shows and have met some great people.

Networking is huge. You will never know who you will meet. Just keep at it. The only way you will get to where you want to be is by putting yourself out there. Good luck!
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Well seeing that I´m not in the same area as you....or even clos I really can´t help you on where to post but my recommendation is to post....anywhere and everywhere, facebook, craigslist your local msic shop and so on. Make it be known to friends, family and workmates that your looking for fellow musicians. After that it´s easy...cause when your in the scene you start meeting everyone that plays. Don´t expect your first band to stick nor if you join a band that it´s long term....it´s basically like dating...it´s gunna take some time to find something your comfortable with and sooner or later you´ll find a great Group of fellow musicians

And as for evolving as a musician your spot on....the last Three years of band Life have probably givin me more than 10 years of doodling in my basement to spotify ever did
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