Hey UGers, here is my new cover of Aces High. I tried my best to record the guitars in a way that didn't upset the original mix of the song. Any feedback is appreciated, whether it has to do with the playing, or the audio side of things. Also, please leave a link to anything you would like my input on.

Hey, sorry it took so long to comment back. This is an excellent cover. Very well done, i like the different camera angles, your tones sound fantastic and doesn't hurt or change the original mix. You played it pretty spot on as far as I could tell and of course it's an interesting pick choosing the live over the studio recording, but you definitely nailed it. Thank you for your kind words on my post!
No problem dude, thanks for the kind words as well! I chose the live version since I couldn't find a nice backing track for the studio version of the song but it also has some extra harmonies so it was fun to play