Basically some of the black and folky metal stuff that's come out this year.
There's some really good stuff, and towards the end some stuff that's just alright but fit the vibe.



coming soon:
18/8/2014 - Fukk
25/8/2014 - Kyto
01/9/2014 - AnnihiSSlateR
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Häive - Sounded decent enough not super exciting.

Winterfylleth - Winterfylleth are alright. I enjoy their stuff for the most part and this track sounded solid.

Saor - Now we're talkin'. Big fan of this dude already. Don't know why he keeps changing the name but it's class Celtic BM.

Stworz - Interesting. Wasn't a bad track. I'll probably look them up later.

Ulvegr - Dug this. Don't think I've listened to them before but definitely will be checking them out.

The Committee - Liked this a lot. rawer than any of the previous tracks and this is sounding like something I can get into.

Chasse-Galerie - Felt pretty much the same about this as the previous track. The two go well back to back although I prefer The Committee.

Dub Buk - Seemed like this track was over pretty quickly. Don't know if I zoned out or what. Sounded nice and aggressive though. Might check them out.

Cool mix. I'm more apprised of some of the new stuff out this year in the BM scene now which I've been neglecting recently. Thanks.
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

I really like that Häive track, I've never cared for them much before, but the recent trio they did on the One and All compilation really struck a chord. Kind of sounds Finnish to me, and I can't explain why. Maybe it's evocative of the finnish folk metal scene I used to be into. I think in the album notes they say it's a tribute to Amorphis.

I think the Wintefylleth track is pretty average to begin with, but picks up around halfway through and impressed more than they have for a good while now.

Indeed, Saor are the dogs bollocks. Can't get enough of the album lately.

Stworz remind me of Temnozor but with less folk. I think the project involves one of the guys from Wędrujący Wiatr.

Ulvegr are great. Linked to Khors and Ygg if that means anything to you. Can't recommend them enough.

Dub Buk was kind of filler. The new album is solid if not unremarkable.

But with a new Khors track, and the new Ghast being released next week, this mix would probably look a bit different had I made it in a few weeks time.
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Nothing I haven't heard, but I've only heard them because of you.

With Dub Buk being the only exception.

Will give my impressions in a minute, gotta listen first and all that jazz.
This list fills me with pride. Like, I'm not even Ukranian or whatever these bands are. That Haive track got the blood flowing, what a track. Short though, kind of disappointed. But otherwise? Catchy.

Winterfylleth, well I was already a fan, again thanks to you, but they're definitely one of my favourite bands alongside Wodensthrone, but I think I like Wodensthrone a little more. Except maybe White Medal, but that's irrelevant. Good stuff.

Saor were pretty cool. I think I was just in the mood for this type of stuff with the fruity flutes and blast beats. Vocals kind of turned me off from that fanciness. Really long though, man. I'm not able to sit through these bands with 10 minute+ tracks anymore. I did my time, maaaaaan.

Stworz was alright. But I'm finding the style itself is relatively similar on all of these, kind of more of an ode to earlier black metal bands except done with production qualities prevalent for more modern black metal records, less evil sounding as well, focus on sounding melancholic or warm. There were parts in this that were actually closer to Lifelover or even Bethlehem at points, namely the slowed down bit near the end.

Ulvegr were alright. But I don't think it's anything over the top exciting or interesting. Kind of your standard BM affair, even with those catchy BOOM BANG BOOM BANG riffs. Like Craft but with less fun.

The Committee were alright too. Focused a lot on theatrical performances, with highs and lows without really finding a nice medium (cliche of the week, how despicable I am). Not bad though, in all fairness.

Chasse-Gallerie had some really nice melodies but it didn't interest me all that much. Good for Quebec and all that, but their scene is pretty big and I don't think these guys stood out. Guys like Sui Caedere and Ephemer (share the same source) I find to be a bit more listenable.

and Dub Buk were pretty evil sounding to say the least. I've heard them before, but I've maybe glanced at their latest album. So it was a nice refresher that maybe I could check it out or something.

Neat mix and all that.