Hey dudes, I have just recorded a cover of Erotomania 2nd solo, tell me your thoughts about it!


I used my Schecter Synyster Custom and the effect chain is: TSE808>OverloudTH2
I changed my old sound: now I didn't modify the graphic eq at the end of the chain to scoop the mids and to recreate the "scooped Mesa sound"... that eq graphic at the end, made my sound too thin. Now I use an eq pedal integrated in TH2 just after the amp to recreate the Mesa Five-band eq
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Nice job buddy, that's some sexy tone you achieved there ! I would have just lowered a bit the Bass knob to get more clarity, but anyway that's just my taste, other than that it's great, as well as the playing !
Thank you man! You're right, I'll try to lower the bass! My guitar has a pretty dark/bassy tone as both body and neck are made of mahogany, a wood which has a pretty dark/warm tone, and the pickups, Seymour Duncan Invaders, are rich of bass... so has been pretty difficult to get that Petrucci tone ahaha! Thanks for the advices, they always help a lot!
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Pretty much nailed the early Petrucci tone for sure. I agree that lowering the bass might help you achieve more clarity, which might also be aided by a very slight treble boost. But that "perfect" tone is of course subjective. Great playing and sweet tones.
Thanks dude, I'll try to lower the bass then...!
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That's a great one mate!Very accurate technique and clarity and nice feeling!
My only complaint is you could have used a liiittle bit less reverb or maybe a different kind.But overall great cover

I made a cover of Mediterranean Sundance by Al Di Meola with a lot of improv.Could you check it out and let me know what you think about my technique and sound maybe?