Hello there!
I need to discover which guitar this guy is playing in this picture....

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot!
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You'll need to help us more- who is that? Where/when was the picture taken?

Do you have any other pix of the man and his axe?
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Given the fret markers, it appears definitely to be a Teisco. They also used rocker switches on a lot of their models such as you see to the rear of the upper horn. To pinpoint the model, you would need a clearer shot of the body shape and pickup configuration.
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Yeah! Thats a Teisco! Fantastic!

Thank you people!

Answering the first question, his name is Nuno Mindelis, one of the greatest blues guitar player in the world. And it was taken in the beggining of 70's, I think in the year 1971-73
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