Anyone know roughly what i could expect to sell my Jackson Dk2FF for?. I literally have no idea, i swapped it for some alloy wheels about 10 years ago. Its got a few small dents on the front nothing major and its a little dusty, strings looked knackered just needs some TLC. Anyway cut a long story short, i'm skint and im gonna sell it but how much £ should i ask for?
It's worth what people would pay for it. Check your classifieds for similar guitars and see what they're going for or maybe take it to a guitar store and ask what it could be worth.

That being said, its a dinky model, so I'd assume probably around 350-500 USD bucks if that. Really depends on the condition etc... I'm not too familiar with Jacksons anyway but I'm sure somebody will chime in and give you a more detailed answer if I'm wrong.
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$200-$400 with case depending on condition. Polish it up nice and put on a fresh set of strings to add $50 to your selling price.
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I sold my jackson DK2M for £325 with a hardcase last year, But IIRC that has the flames on the fretboard so it will only certain people that will like it.

Ive seen DK2's sell from £150 - £350
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