Would this significantly affect the tone of the guitar? Or damage it in any other important way? I was thinking about sanding it down to redo the finish since its all dinged up, and thought it might be cool to burn some kind of design on it while its bare.

Thoughts? Good idea? Terrible idea? Anyone tried anything like this?

Details: its an old Madeira A-1 acoustic guitar I found at a yard sale for $3, so I'm not counting on it being great, although it seems like it might sound pretty good once I get all the parts replaced.
I've heard of people burning guitars just for the visual effect with very mixed results. Some people use a torch, I've seen seen one person ignite gunpowder on the guitar.
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Well, I'm probably not going to do those things. To clarify, I have a wood-burning tool that I've used to burn designs on walking sticks and things like that before. Not going for an all-over burnt look haha.
Good luck with it. I've never been fond of wood-burned signs, guitars, walking sticks, any of that.

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