Hey UG,
I have a Cort Action-A bass, it was pretty cheap, but it's a decent bass for my purposes, but I'd just love it it would not only feel like it was much more expensive, but actually sound like it, so I was thinking of buying a pickup. It has both two PB bass pickups and a jazz bass one, the PBs sound pretty good as they are, so I thought I'd replace the jazz pickup at the bridge.
I was looking at some Seymour Duncans, like the sound, and they're affordable too, but I just want to know if anyone actually put them in a bass like mine, and if it worked out. I'm also a bit worried about it having an active EQ built in (the pickups are passive, but they go through that active system which has a battery, and two knobs I can play with- treble and bass), and if that would make putting in a new pickup more complicated.
Thanks for any responses.
Seymour Duncan Jazz pickups will work just fine in your bass. The only thing to remember is this: You must measure the dimensions of the Jazz pickup that is in your bass right now! Many Fender Jazz basses have a rear (Bridge) pickup that is slightly larger than the front (Neck) pickup. Since your bass is a Cort, it probably uses a Jazz pickup with the smaller dimensions of the Neck pickup. Just make sure that you get one that has the correct dimensions, and it will be a drop-in fit replacement.

Wiring it up should be very, very easy. But if you do not want to do it yourself, a good guitar and bass technician should be able to do the job at a very low cost.
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