Hey everybody just wondering if there's a certain type of strings I should use for my guitar. It's a Washburn wd12s.

And also I'm sort of new at trying to learn to pick. And wanted to know what's a good way to start making my own melodies?

Thanks in advance everybody.
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Hi! For string types, it really just depends on what your preference is and what feels comfortable. If you're just starting out, it may take a while to determine which make and size of strings suit you best, so maybe try a few different types before settling on your preference.

For creativity, its never to early to start experimenting with what sounds pleasant to your ears. You can help develop this by learning some simple pieces or arrangements of popular songs where the guitar replicates the vocal melody.

It becomes easier to develop melodies with even some basic music theory and some rhythmic ideas.

What is your current level of playing?
Alright thanks for the help and your time really appreciate it!
Im playing with steel strings but i think bronze strings sound more mellower in timbre which is nice.
I would say a beginner, i could play well with chord progressions but when it comes to picking its a little difficult to get it right.
SINGLE STRING MELODY – This technique is used to play the song melody on a single string with or without the use of music notation. Playing Single String Melody can be fun and can lead to developing your own distinct playing style.
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