Hey guys, what cases will fit an ESP LTD MH series? I'm looking for a decent hardshell on a low budget. Looking for something around 50-75, rather than the exorbitant 140 dollar ESP case. I know the case is really not the place to skimp, but I absolutely cannot scrounge together the cash for the case and just want something better than a gig bag. Let me know if anything comes to mind!
I probobly wouldn't get that case. It will more than likely be to short and may not suport a tilte headstock. The molded case they have IIRC MMEG should fit it though. It's 69 dollars. I Know when I bought a standard size universal Gator case for my Shecter it was to short and I had to get the XL version and it fits like a glove. I know the Schecter's & LTD's are basicly the same size. I know the Gator Xl will fit his guitar for sure and is cheaper than the ESP.
Okay awesome I'll look into that. Side note... Small chip in the headstock. It's on the back, so aesthetically detracts absolutely nothing from the guitar. However, I am worried it might get bigger if more paint chips away. Is there a good way to seal it?