almost one hundred
thousand on
the odometer
and i still haven't
seen a thing;

i am sorry
for more than distance
can cover

and you -
with midnight at your back,
smiling sleepily
at something
that is far beyond me
somehow still on the run
as i am
eating apples from your eyes
and pushing 101.
Real good stuff, fantastically clean in terms of language and image.

The "cover" rhyme feels a bit stumbley though: I think the line break makes it a tad late, even for the syncopated sonics you've used in this (maybe it is intentional?).
Good one! I like the way you used to decribe that you are searching for something for a far distance and you have not seen anything. The style of writing was good.
Yes as of heatherpatton said the lyrics are really outstanding and it is upto the mark with your best way of description and also the words used by you.
I appreciate for your creative thinking. If you develop the lyrics little more then it is amazing. Just try it, you can improve a lot.