I just recently bought a 1986 Aria pro II zz custom. It is a beautiful guitar that i plan on restoring.
The guy i bought it from said that it has a cheap black finish painted over the original factory pink/purple burst.
I would like to do a holoflash finish on the front, with a gloss black finish on the back and sides.
I would probably sand off the crappy black finish, and scuff up the factory finish and paint over that in a black finish.

HOWEVER, i dont know what type of paint to use as the basecoat before i iron on the holoflash film.

And i am not using the stick on holoflash, im doing the real holoflash iron on film
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Don't you already have a thread going for this?

They do indeed.


I would also suggest that posting something like this in Guitar Building & Customising would get better answers than in here.
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